A Little Help… With Dinner

If you know me at all, you know I hate cooking. If I could have a full time chef for free, or a housekeeper, I’d pick chef every single day of the week and twice on Sundays. 

I also hate buying endless ingredients that don’t end up getting used up before they go fuzzy on me. It can be an expensive  proposition if you aren’t particularly gifted at planning meals that will use up that extra sauce or bunch of greens. Like someone who buys $25 in craft supplies to DIY something they could have bought finished online for $10. Yes, I realize it is about the journey but, and I repeat, I hate cooking. 

It’s kind of ironic too because I really enjoying eating. But planning and preparing three meals a day is just not my idea of a good time and I’ve reached an age where copping out is a-okay. 

I came across a Facebook post about Chef’s Plate – it’s a service where they send you everything you need to cook a lovely meal, in the right proportions, for either two or four people. 


I ordered three meals for two people, to try it out. Normal price: $65 

(I did use a publicly available discount code to reduce that cost but I’m not being paid by Chef’s Plate, in case you were wondering!)

Takeout Japanese food (or Indian or Thai or whatever) is easily $50 for one meal that covers grandma, kiddo and I. This week, we opted  to skip takeout. 

I’m glad we did. 

I ordered online, scheduled delivery for yesterday and “ding dong”… There it was: 

The first of our three meals was Tilapia parcels. It took no time at all to prep. Here it is just prior to going in the oven: 

Here it is 20 minutes later:

There was enough for the three of us — and kiddo asked for seconds on the fish. 

So… Could I have made this dish for less than we paid? Probably. But we’d have extra grape tomatoes going wrinkly—because you can’t buy just 8—yellow beans going limp, and parsley… Well, don’t get me started on the parsley. Now? I have nothing wilting or icky in the fridge. 

Happy camper in the house!

Tonight is Ramen Noodle Bowls. Stay tuned!



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