She Swears Like a Sailor…

This is day 25 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: Four weird traits I have

I had to let this project go for a few day — SICK. AS. A. DOG. But all seems to be returning somewhat to normal, so here I am, pondering four weird traits that I have.

I am inordinately shy.

Which is diametrically opposed to my potty mouth. I swear like a sailor. I tried to curb it when Nikki was a baby but it never took. So I have since taught her that just as there are things that adults can do that kids can’t (drive a car, have a credit card, drink…), there are things that adults can SAY that kids can’t. So far, she has accepted that and labels my slip ups as ‘mommy words’.

I am petrified of ALL bugs.

Which is a problem when you live in a 70 year old bungalow and your bedroom is in the basement. The only good thing to look forward to in winter is the fact that they all bugger off somewhere until spring.

I am afflicted with FOMO.

Which isn’t a problem since I work on the web all the live long day but when your child starts drawing pictures of you holding your phone in one hand and a wine glass in the other, it’s a wake up call to start making some lifestyle changes. What’s FOMO you ask? Fear of missing out. Hence the zombie like pose of so many of us, staring into our little lit up screens.

I can’t think of a fourth. If you know me, and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you do, let me know what my fourth might be, will you? Thanks.


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