Ode to a Sofa

This is day 24 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: Something I miss

Something I miss…

Something I miss…

Something I miss…

Honestly? I miss my old sofa.

It was this weird forest green corduroy-like fabric and was the first large piece of furniture my ex and I had purchased together, on time, from Sears. Every month, $25 came out of our newly minted joint account.

I could stretch out on this thing and have room to spare at the end. It was


Sick person on the green sofa…

the best sofa to cuddle on after a bad day, to host friends for a casual drink, to watch TV from when I was 8 months pregnant and feeling elephantine; it was perfect for caring for a sick baby while the golden retriever Maggie watched, to make sure I was parenting correctly. It held all our cares and woes.

And when we decided to get divorced and I decided that Nikki and I were moving in with my mom into her tiny house, I knew the sofa needed to go. There was no room for all those cares and woes at Grandma’s house, so we gave it away, hopefully to a happy home.

Dumping, selling and giving away all the furniture and all the stuff was a perfect metaphor for our lives. It was freeing and surprisingly easy to do, considering the years and years it had taken to build up this stock of ‘stuff’. Oddly, the sofa is one of the few things from that old life that I actually miss.  But Grandma bought a little one, which at least Nikki can stretch out on from end to end with a little space left over and that’s good enough for me.



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