You Think this Post is About You, Don’t You?

This is day 23 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: A Family Member I Dislike
Wow. How the heck am I supposed to write about a family member that I dislike on my blog? Um. No. Though in actual fact, she would never be able to read it – she doesn’t read in English. Only Spanish. And French. But with my luck, someone will translate it. And then she’ll be sitting there in her apartment in Valencia, with her ten cats, and she will know that she is a person that I have not enjoyed spending time with in the past but as she is related to me by marriage and only tenuously at that, I won’t worry about it. I wouldn’t want to upset her son though. He’s awesome. And he reads English. Damn. But he’s busy and important and doesn’t have time to read drivel on his cousin’s blog. Oops. Too much information?



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