My Mornings…

This is day 22 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: My morning routine

7:10 – one eye open.

7:20 – the other eye open.

It’s time to get up and rouse the kiddo. This is the good bit. You wouldn’t think getting a six year old out of bed would be the good bit but while she’s still little, it kind of is. She is a wee heater and so what I do is hop into her bed for a snuggle before we actually have to surface. Only a few minutes of snuggly warmth before reality claims us, however.

I help her get dressed because even though she CAN do it all herself, if I want her to be done inside of 55 minutes, I have to move her along. I hope I won’t be doing that when she is 16 but it’s not looking good.

Anyway, after that and we have collected all necessary books, dolls, stuffies and other paraphernalia required for breakfasting, we trudge up the stairs to the kitchen / dining room.

For her? A mini-bagel with butter and milk. For me? COFFEE! (followed by coffee, and coffee and why thank you, I’d love another cup of coffee!)

While she munches and watches Arthur, I move on to lunch making. This is bar none one of the worst things about having kids. Not the late nights, not the diapers, not the potty training, not the snot or the barf. It’s lunches. Seriously. I have a repertoire of about four acceptable lunches so the week of the month when she has pizza lunch at school is my happy week. Other weeks are just sad, sad, sad.

Someone suggested to me that she could be making her own lunch, saving me the hassle. But like the getting dressed thing, I would rather sleep until 7:20 than get up 30 minutes earlier just so we can fight in the kitchen about what is going into the lunchbox that day. Call me crazy.

Anyhoo, that done, it’s a question of taming down the crazy hair into something resembling a pony tail, putting all necessary items in the ‘almost as big as she is’ back pack and heading off to the playground. On arrival, she drops her bag where her class lines up when the bell rings, and takes off in search of her little friends.

This is my time. Mommy chatting time with other mommies and sometimes daddies. It’s a nice few minutes before the day begins. If there was a coffee cart, like on the Gilmore Girls, it would be even better; sometimes I bring my (third) cup in a porta-mug… Not quite as delightful but at least it’s hot.

And that’s it. Every day, day in and day out. Not so bad, is it?



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