Talk About Being Born Under the Right Sign!

This is day 21 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: My horoscope and whether it fits me

From today’s Globe & Mail:

“TAURUS (Apr. 21 – May 21):

It would be nice if you were the kind of person who likes everyone and downloadnever gets angry but the simple fact is you are not, so if someone has begun to get under your skin make a point of avoiding them today, and every day if necessary.”

Oh. M. Gee. Well, this is just perfect for me. PERFECT.

Let’s forget the fact that I am a major introvert; practically a recluse. I long to live in Hobbiton, for crying out loud. I have blogged about looking for the perfect place on the top of a mountain somewhere. Ask me ‘fight or flight’ and I ask if there is a duvet I can hide under — my version of flight.

I am irascible enough that people learn quickly if they don’t like me and then THEY can make a point of avoiding ME.

The prickly exterior is there, like a porcupine, as a defensive mechanism. Don’t approach. You might get poked with something sharp.

There are only a few people who get past the quills and for now, that’s just the way I want it.


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