A Day in My Life…

This is day 16 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: bullet my entire day

I’m not sure a day in the life of Chantal Saville is worthy of bulleting (is that a word?) but, here goes:

  • Eyes open and look at the clock. 7:10 am. 10 more minutes.
  • Eyes close, hoping that they will re-open in 10 more minutes.
  • 7:21 am: close enough.
  • Up, wake up the kid.
  • Get dressed while she crawls under the covers of my still warm bed. Fart face.
  • Run a brush through hair. Put it up the same way I do every single other day. curly-haired-woman-wearing-
  • Pull kid out of my bed, feet first, and pull off her PJs.
  • Pull her back up when she flops back over on to my bed.
  • Give up and toss her clothes at her, reminding her that there is no TV until she is dressed and Wild Kratts are on.
  • Watch in wonder as the Wild Kratts motivator goes to work and she is dressed in two shakes.
  • Upstairs.
  • Put milk and cereal on the table. And a few paper towels for the inevitable dripping that comes with 6 year old pouring skills
  • Brew coffee.
  • Focus on the coffee.
  • Wait for the coffee.
  • Add cream.
  • Sip coffee.
  • Lunch making. This involves a background chorus of “Ew! I’m having THAT for lunch?”
  • Roll my eyes.
  • Finish making icky lunch.
  • Put her hair in a ponytail while she screams bloody murder. That the neighbours haven’t called child services yet is a testament to the thickness of old, brick walls.
  • Finish watching show, remind kid to go pee.
  • Remind her again while she farts around with her toys.
  • Remind her again while she is putting on her shoes.
  • Wait, tapping my foot, while she finally goes to the bathroom.
  • Walk to school (1 minute, door to playground).
  • Watch as she tears off to play with her friends with nary a wave backwards. Do I really long for the days where she used to cling to me, at preschool? No. Not really. Except sometimes.
  • Go home.
  • Brew another cup of coffee.
  • Sip coffee.
  • Sit down at desk and open Facebook and Hootsuite.
  • Feel blood pressure rising over something dumb. Head explosion imminent.
  • Tweet with awesome women on my Women Rock Twitter list.
  • Feel better about the dumb things.
  • Do my work. I won’t bore you with the details.
  • Write a post for the 30 day Writing Challenge (hey!)
  • Eat some lunch.
  • Go for a walk if it’s sunny; hide under a blankie if it’s not.
  • What do you mean it’s 3:15pm already? Damn.
  • Pick up the kiddo.
  • Ritual begging for a play date. Ritual uttering of the word ‘no’.
  • Home, play a game, have a snack, hear about the latest playground drama (grade 2 is a real bitch).
  • Make dinner.
  • Listen to a litany of complaints about dinner.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Bath time, PJ time, book time. That’s for me. Kiddo is playing on her iPad.
  • Wrestle the beastie into PJs and chase her with her toothbrush and a flossing stick thingy.
  • Snuggles. Thank goodness she isn’t too old for those yet or else all the rest of this crap that came before? Forget about it.
  • Nighty night.



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