Three Pet Peeves That Peeve Me Off

This is day 15 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: three pet peeves
ONLY three?

Sigh. Okay. 

Number 1 • people who comment via social media about an article based solely on the title! Read the article people!

Number 2 • people who don’t use their turn signals when driving. It’s a tiny stick. All you have to do is flick it. You can do it. It’s the only tiny stick you should be flicking between those vehicular walls while driving anyway so you might as well. 

Number 3 • childless parents. Huh? Explain please, Chantal. These are people without kids that are full of  

 parenting advice that they feel compelled to share. With parents. And as a subset of this peeve, never, ever say: “well, with the dog we…” And then share parenting advice. Just don’t do it. Trust me. 



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