Ten Steps to Happy

This is day 13 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: my commute to and from work

Untitled designAt one time, I was commuting from Uxbridge to Scarborough. Every single day. In bad weather, it meant a 3 hour commute, round trip.

We – my ex and I – chose Uxbridge because it was cute and country in the daylight and we could afford an entire house. Not like the wee condo we had bought first, one we could have swung a cat by the tail and hit all four walls in, if we had wanted to swing our cat. Fidget would have objected so we didn’t. But we could have.

Anyway, Uxbridge was cute and country but it was a countryside that we never saw outside of the weekends because we left the house in the dark and we came home in the dark. We spent our trips bitching about our jobs, hating every minute of the time we had to spend at them.

So we quit. And we bought a business and a house and a dog (in that order) even further away from Toronto, but at least the commute was down to 22 steps: down the stairs and around the corner and into my office.

I developed a real taste for that life: for being able to drop off the kiddo at pre-school, for being able to pick her up. For being able to take a walk in the middle of the day with the dog if I wanted to, or for having a lie down on the sofa, if that’s the kind of day it was shaping up to be. Sure, you get sick of the four walls, but that’s what Starbucks was made for.

Now, that house is gone, the husband is gone and the business is gone but I still have the commute that I want, working from my new home, with my daughter nearby, at school. 10 steps from bed to office. 1 minute from front door to the school yard. And in February, when I am sitting by the window and watching people fishtailing their way to work in the freezing cold weather, I am happiest of all.

30 day writing challenge

30 day writing challenge from Writer’s Circle

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