Not so Much an Itch as a Reality

This is day 14 of the Writer’s Circle challenge: my life, 7 years from now.

In seven years, it will 2022.

In seven years, I will have a full fledged teenager on my hands.

In seven years, I will be… seven years older. Never mind the details.

I’ll look back to seven years ago – circa 2008 – for clues on where I might be in seven more years.

IMG_0013Seven years ago, I was pregnant. We were living in Lakefield. We had a newspaper. We were a ‘we’.  

Seven years ago, I went to Paris in June, I went to Montreal in April, I went to McDonald’s quite often (Baby wanted Big Macs. Sorry if that offends you.)

Seven years ago, I thought I would be where I was, for a long time to come.

Fast forward seven years and I’m in a good place.

Fast forward seven more? Who knows. Come back and check in on us, okay?



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