Where Does an Introverted Hobbit go for End of Summer Vacay?

To the busiest place on earth: Blue Mountain Village.

As a single parent, finding places where the kiddo will meet up with other kiddos and play so that mommy can read behind her sunglasses while luxuriating on a deck chair is priority one. Of course, I get in the water and play too but I don’t have her 6 year old stamina and require the odd break from “Mommy, watch this!”

Blue Mountain was our choice for an end of summer wee getaway and my daughter loved it. Which was the point. Me? Not as much but that’s because my idea of a vacation is a cabin far away with a hot tub, unlimited wine and books and a chef who only shows up when I ring the bell. Kind of like on Downton Abbey. I don’t enjoy crowds at the best of times.

I digress.

We stayed at the more affordable Blue Mountain Inn, which was only a 3 minute walk from the village instead of a pricier condo or the Westin, right in the village. When we arrived on Sunday night, I had no inkling of what was in store as we did not pass through the village on the way to our home away from home. We changed out of travel clothes and into something appropriate for dinner and took ourselves down the path, like Goldilocks. We ran smack into the three bears and the three bears’ whole freaking family, otherwise known as the  veritable wall of people that was the village on this day. Did I mention I was an introverted hobbit by nature?

We toured the village, examined the menus at the various restaurants, most of which were declared as ‘gross’ by my non-foodie child and wound our way around to … wait for it… the toy store. Luckily, it was not the kind of store that stocked Nikki’s usual addictions. Not a Shopkin or Monster High doll in sight. We picked up a princess and play-doh kit and went in search of sustenance.

The restaurants are varied enough and I made an executive decision to pick one that had patio space – after all, it’s an end of summer outing and we will be seeing the inside of four walls day after day soon enough. I asked the waitress if the crowds were normal for the resort.

“Nooo… Not really. I mean, I only work here one night a week but I haven’t seen crowds like this since July. But there is a conference in, something about the Churches of Lost Glory or something?”

Oh boy.

“But don’t worry, they’ll be going home tomorrow.”

And with those few words, my day was salvaged, dinner was consumed and Starbucks procured. Thank goodness for the Starbucks.

The next day was reserved for pottery painting at Crock A Doodle, which was actually really fun. We got there early so… not too crowded (PHEW!). We got the last table at Sunset Grill for “brunch” (can you have brunch when technically it’s Monday? I don’t know. But we did.) and then took ourselves over to Plunge! Aquatic park. Now this… this was worth all the people talking to their friends and not looking where they were going, narrowly missing dropping a BeaverTail on us. It was worth all the kids on scooters barrelling through the crowds and overpriced everything that Nikki wanted one of each of so that I had to spend the better part of my day perfecting the word ‘NO!’

We absolutely loved the park. From the splash pad to the shallow indoor pool to passing under the window to walk out to the bath water temperature outdoor pool, this was the point of the trip and it did not disappoint.

I had to convince Nikki to try the little water slide – by going down first myself. What won’t we do for our kids? Imagine an ill-

Girl on water slide at Plunge! Aquatic Centre

No. This is not me. Obviously. Picture from the Plunge! website photo gallery.

fitting ruched red bathing suit with too much limb and bits coming out every which way sliding down the water slide, arms raised and screaming ‘WEEEEEEEE’ to make sure the six year old sees the value in following her Mom? That was me.

After the first slide, she was hooked. Up and down, up and down, the whole afternoon. I watched most of the time, from the depths of the enormous bathtub and went down a few more times … almost five hours of finger wrinkling good fun.

I finally dragged her away just before 5 pm, we went ‘home’ and changed for dinner, electing this time a pizza based restaurant with no pizza on the children’s menu. I didn’t care. I had a vodka martini. By 9 pm, we were both in bed, dead to the world. You know it’s a good day when your six year old whines: “Turn out the light, mommy. I’m tired!”

With pleasure, my dearest…


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