Week 7 – My Muse

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Show Me the Funny!

By L.F.Young

Hey! This is your Muse talking here! What are you doing? Yeah, you; Do you SEE any other writers within a square block of here? You’re sitting there looking at friggin Facebook, and…is that a chocolate covered strawberry? And wine? I mean what the hell? That is our thing; you know when you are writing you always drink wine and have some kind of chocolate! But hey, wait a minute. You are NOT writing, but there you go, shoving that damn strawberry into your yap. Don’t give me that ‘in a minute’ crap. I know you. You’ll Wine glass and bottlescroll down and see a darn… Oh man there you go, another cat video. Like you haven’t seen a bazillion cat videos. I know there is no such thing as a Bazillion. There is also no such thing as a YOU WRITING! I am not shouting. No, no I’m not. I’m…

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