Schadenfreude Strikes Again

Ashley Madison – the dating site of choice for philandering spouses – was hacked!

Oh me-o! Oh my-o!

And the drums began sounding.

And the voices were crying ‘karma’.

A lot of chatter along the lines of ‘serves them right for having that account in the first place’.

But does it? Does being a philanderer mean you aren’t entitled to having your privacy protected, to say nothing of the fact that exposing the philanderers (or to be fair, the potential philanderers) would also harm their spouses and families?

What do you think?

**Update** — Totally agree with Yummy Mummy Club’s Jeni Marinucci on this one…


2 thoughts on “Schadenfreude Strikes Again

  1. Of course we all want to judge these people (the potential philanderers) but my gut reminds me that NONE of us are perfect. Going down the path of judging others (when we don’t know all the details) is a very slippery slope.

    But even without getting into this whole debate, I think it’s just wrong to expose these people simply because it would be removing the privacy of their families. Even if for arguments’ sake we say that these potential cheaters “deserve” to be exposed, what about their spouses and children? Not cool.

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