Break out the Spam Cans: There’s a Boob in the Room!

I was reading the NYTimes the other day and there was an article about New York area airports installing breastfeeding pods. They are aptly named because that’s what they looked like: escape pods from Star Trek. Or a supersized port-a-potty.

The idea was to provide a place where women could comfortably breastfeed their children in privacy.

A friend of mine commented that it looked like a spam can. You know, the ones with the metal key that you use to roll it

Breastfeeding pod

Seventh Generation pod – image from

open? She’s right. I can see what the airports are trying to achieve by making these pods available but I know for sure that some poor mom who doesn’t want to use one is going to be shamed into it by airport staff or members of the public. It’s just a matter of time.

At what point did we become so afraid of boobs? Or should I call them breasts, if you are sensitive to my vernacular? Perhaps we should call them tatas? Or tits? Perhaps boobies?

There is no more terrifying part of the anatomy for most people than the breast. And I don’t get why. We ALL have them. I would have thought that something that men have too would make society more accepting of them, given that we still live in that kind of a world, but no, apparently not. And it’s not like I’m talking about those scary metal cones that Madonna was sporting a few years ago. I’m talking about real flesh and blood!

To many people, though thankfully by no means all, breastfeeding is at worst gross and unsanitary or, at best, should be shrouded in secrecy and hidden in a spam can. No wonder more women aren’t doing it.

5 thoughts on “Break out the Spam Cans: There’s a Boob in the Room!

  1. Ugh. Why is such a simple thing so complicated?

    When I nursed my girls, I did it anywhere and everywhere. At the library, on public transportation, at the mall, in the grocery store, at restaurants. There were days when I WANTED someone to say something to me so I could “educate” them about breastfeeding. lol No one ever did, lucky for them.

    I know that not all women are comfortable with “whipping it out” anywhere and everywhere like I was. I feel sad for them, but…considering the society we live in and the “fear the boob” attitude many people have, I understand it. So providing “pods” for those women to feed their babies in is a great idea…and a lot better than them going to a public washroom in order to get some privacy (talk about unsanitary!)

    My only concern is, as you mentioned, that ALL women are going to be made to feel like they MUST hide away from the rest of the world when they’re feeding their baby. That’s the part of this that doesn’t sit well with me. Because boobies are NOT the enemy here, people, it’s the fear of the boobies….and the only way to overcome that fear is to let the boobies be FREE!

  2. If they install them on the aircraft, with a large parachute, they could actually serve as escape pods. But in an emergency there would be a mad rush of mothers and George Costanzas for the breastfeeding/escape pods.

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