Right Brain is the Right Brain for Us

The other day, I had a meeting with my daughter’s special education teacher – Nikki was placed in the Reading Mastery program at the beginning of grade 1. Mrs. K wanted to let me know that my dearest had graduated! She no longer needed the program because she had essentially “caught up”.

But then Mrs. K. added: “She is the funniest kid. We were reading this story about a girl and there was a cactus in the picture. The kids are asked to describe the scene and Nikki said that the girl must be from the ‘wild, wild west’. ‘Why is that?’, I asked her and she replied: ‘because of the cactus’. I’ve been teaching this book for 7 years. Not one single other child has mentioned the cactus.”

“She’s weird that way.” I said.

Mrs. K. laughed and touched my arm: “I’m glad YOU said that and not me but that IS funny, isn’t it?”

So I think that Nikki, like me, is a little more right brain than left. And that’s okay with me. What’s your kid’s super power?


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