Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

I know, I know… old news… but I wanted to keep this one for posterity to watch now and again when I feel the need to remind myself that we are in fact all in the same boat, as parents.

Content Ghost

Ask any writer and they will answer will probably be a flat out no. Of course we would say no. We’re writers. Duh.

But even I have to admit that there are times when the story is best told by video. Not, however, by someone standing in front of the camera blathering endlessly but by actually laying out a story for the viewer to take in… You know, like writers do!

Showing, not telling, is what a writer must do and what Similac (the baby formula company) did in this video:

It’s a brilliant marketing scheme in that it is not intended to get you to buy formula, but to throw in to specific relief the issue that is pervasive in formula usage: judgment. Judgement by other parents, by health officials, judgement that is often real and sometimes just in our minds. Judgment we impose on ourselves out of a…

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