ChristmasTini Anyone?

Bringing back this one for the holidays!

Send Me to Paris

Ho!Ho!Ho! ‘Tis the season for Christmas movies galore. If you’re going to have to sit through the movies, you might as well have some ‘mom and dad juice’ to go with them. I am not a drink expert, all imbibing evidence to the contrary, but I think I’ve seen enough Christmas movies, thanks to my ‘christmas focused’ husband, to know that drinkies make them better.

I crowdsourced a list of favourite movies on Twitter:

Christmas Vacation
Miracle on 34th Street – newer one
Christmas Carol – with Alistair Sim as Scrooge version
The Holiday
Polar Express suggested by @JenGPhotog
Christmas Story suggested by @jacksoncreek
Grinch That Stole Christmas – with the voice of Boris Karloff in the animated version
Elf – several recommendations for this one.
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer suggested by @a_richardson
Santa Clause is Coming to Town suggested by @a_richardson
The Santa Clause
And for my Twitter…

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