No Solution, Just a Sorry

A tweet I just read (altered the names):

“Johnny hardly ever watches TV.”
“Ugh, our nanny never turns it off! It’s like another babysitter!”
Raise your own damn kids, then.

We talk about ending the mommy wars, about not judging each other and instead supporting each other as mothers and parents. We talk about it. But day in and day out, thanks to the streams that I follow on social media, I see examples like the one above. Random strangers saying, at best, passive aggressive statements. At worst, the statements can be downright nasty.

Most of the miseries of the world were caused by wars. And when the wars were over no one ever knew what they were about.

Yes, I’m quoting Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone with the Wind’; it’s Friday and the best I can summon! But I think the point is well made, even when referring to a pseudo-war, the wounds from which can feel very real to a parent.

I don’t really have a solution, nor even a point, except to say on this particular Friday that if I ever said anything to any parent out there that you thought was judgmental or mean, I’m sorry.


4 thoughts on “No Solution, Just a Sorry

  1. The fact that the “mommy wars” are still ongoing makes me really sad. It’s tough enough being a parent these days…we should all be able to rise above our differences to support one another, not make the problem worse.

    • “should” being the operative word – as Pam says (below), we’ve all probably done it at one time or another… It’s just exhausting to read it all the live long day so I decided to rant a wee bit 😉

  2. Me too. Sending you virtual hugs.
    I think that’s the challenge and the risk of virtual, fluid communication with no faces or body signals to guide us. Depending on our individual emotional states and our stress levels and what’s going on in our real lives, odds are one or two or some of us, at some point, are going to misinterpret a post or tweet or comment and respond regrettably. (Ahem… ) I’m sorry too. : )

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