Hey World: We All Need to go and Get a Hobby

HEADLINE: “KFC Sucks because an Employee asked a Disfigured Little Girl to Leave a Store: She was Scaring Other Patron”

Result? Viral story. KFC vilified throughout social media and the Internet and it translated within hours to mainstream media. Comments all over the Internet with the bulk of the voices vociferously claiming that they would never to eat at KFC again (that’s was my nice way of saying some of the vitriol I read).

KFC steps in and makes it clear that it is not their policy to treat customers this way and offer $30,000 to help cover the child’s medical expenses.

HEADLINE: “KFC Story about Little Girl is a Hoax” – KFC launched its own investigation on this event and found no evidence that it ever occurred. I’m sure there are MANY who will claim: “Well, of course they didn’t find any evidence! They don’t want to pay!” Except that they have also agreed to honour the money they promised because the true victim in all of this, the little girl, does still in fact have major medical bills.


As someone pointed out to me on Facebook: “it also speaks to the desperation that family must be feeling (not that their actions are justified). It also speaks to the power of the internet – the story is immediately posted, funding goes through the roof and KFC looks bad. Where’s the fact checking? The only people fact checking are KFC because it’s in their best interest to do so.” (Thanks Angela!)

So I have a suggestion: everyone go out and get a hobby because the time we are spending making things go viral? We could have probably found a cure for cancer already…


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