The Play Date (Cue the Jaws Theme Music)

“Mommy, Mommy, my toy boxes EXPLODED!” Nikki ran up the stairs, her little friend Sarah trailing not too far behind, arms waving and princess dress flounces flying.
“What do you mean the exploded?”
“They EXPLODED!” Again with the big arm gestures. I know she’s half French but MON DIEU, this kid can be dramatic. “There are toys EVERYWHERE in my room!”
“Everywhere???” I asked, hopeful that she was just kidding and absolutely sure that she wasn’t.

I went down the stairs to her room with a fair amount of trepidation in my heart: did I really want to see the disaster that awaited me? No. Not really. But I went. And it was… a disaster.

How do two girls, one 5 and one 6, create Armageddon in an hour and a five mintues? It’s an easy recipe: Leave it to pent up after school energy, a splash of apple juice, a couple of gummy bears and stir. Oh, and make sure that Mommy got so involved in her writing that she didn’t check on them at the half hour mark as she had planned to. Note to self: set an alarm.


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