I Think My 5 Year Old Just Broke Up with Me

So a lot of you know that Nikki and I are the two musketeers. I call her my mini BFF. I guess you could say that I have depended on her in the last months. A lot. Probably too much.  This dependence is in no way fair to her and I knew that I would have to back off and let her spread her wings a little but I am desperately sad to report that this infernal wing spreading happened today.

Yesterday, the little girl across the road asked Nikki to come over and play. I have only met the Mom in passing but they’ve lived there for 3 years and seem like a nice couple, so I said okay. She was having so much fun that when I arrived to bring her home for dinner, she melted down and was ridiculously snotty for the rest of the evening.

This morning, I asked her if she wanted to go to Starbucks after school (a weekly ritual for us and a peace offering after the bed time gong show the night before) and she said: “No, I want to go play at Sarah’s house. That’s more fun.”

Now, I know she didn’t mean anything by it but my heart broke a little. I knew the day would come when she would want to do more and more without me and I know that’s natural and normal and as it should be. I just didn’t think it would be today.


4 thoughts on “I Think My 5 Year Old Just Broke Up with Me

    • Right? I’m glad for her but it felt weird to have her firmly reject an offer of chocolate chunk cookie!

      I couldn’t believe the gong show it was to get her out of that girl’s house though… Honestly, I can’t go through that EVERY SINGLE TIME! Hopefully, when it all becomes habitual, it will get better.

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