No Crocodile Tears Here

“Do you want to play with me, Carol?”


My daughter stood there looking stunned. “But…”

“Go away, you can’t play with me or Georgia.”

Nikki turned away, head down, punched in the proverbial gut by a 4 year old. Now, she IS a master of the full on bottom lip pout but, like all ‘crocodile tears’, I knew that she was really upset because she didn’t cry or carry on. She just sat on a rock in the middle of the playground and watched the others.

She had played with Carol a hundred times before. I don’t know what happened that day or in preceding days to bring this childish response down on my daughter’s head, and I never would. I looked over at one of the other moms and said: “Is it okay to punch a little kid in the throat?” She just laughed… “Oh, I hear you…” she replied.

Does it get easier?



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