I Got my Kid Stoned Today

There is a serious problem with having a chatterbox for a child.

There are several problems (and joys) with this issue, actually, but there is one BIG one.

When kids are chatty, the dentist finds it very difficult to fill their cavities properly. When kids are chatty and five, they really don’t want to stop being chatty. And five.

So, our dentist gave Nikki something that is ten steps better than laughing gas and all I can say is where do I get some of this stuff for me?

“Mommy? You have two heads! That’s neat! Do I have two heads?”

They say two heads are better than one but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they meant.

I looked at the receptionist at the office: “Really?”

She giggled, as women in nurses uniforms who have to be pleasant all day to people who would rather be anywhere else are wont to do. Like she’s a little unsure if I’m being serious or not.

“It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?”

Yes… it is, actually.

I’d post the video of her here but I’m saving it. For blackmail! MWAHAHAHA!


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