When It Rains…

I’ve been having what you might call an existential crisis, of late.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the endless winter, and I was questioning my life choices (all bad other than having Nikki) and my raison d’être (at this moment, I seem to be limited to Chief Toy Purchaser). I have been feeling the pressure of being a single parent and, well basically, it’s been a bit un-fun around here.

But it turns out that it doesn’t take much to turn things around and all of those things happened today, just in time for Single Parents Appreciation Day: 

  1. Better weather – the sun is shining, it’s warmer, I don’t need my gloves… All good reasons to smile.
  2. I scored some awesome deals at Once Upon a Child for Nikki – a store which we in this house euphemistically refer to as the Used Baby Store.  Thankfully, no babies were harmed in this transaction but it was a win for Mommy: $50 for a crap load of really nice spring kid clothes.
  3. My first national print article is on stands and I finally got my hands on a copy. Actually, I cleaned out the local Shoppers of their copies, so I technically got my hands on 8 copies, but I guess I’m just splitting hairs there – thank you Today’s Parent and in particular Nadine Silverthorne and Jenny Charlesworth.

    Today's Parent Article. April Edition. Page 36. In case you were curious

    Today’s Parent Article. April Edition. Page 36. In case you were curious

  4. A ‘new to me’ Dooney & Bourke purse that I won on Ebay arrived a whole week before it was supposed to! So thank you to that lady, whoever you are!
  5. The Frozen DVD that I ordered from Chapters Indigo arrived 3 days early, which just made Friday Night at the Movies with the Saville Family a WIN (Full disclosure: we’ve seen Frozen on the iPad about 1000 times but it’s just not the same as a bigger TV screen – sorry Grandma, you’re losing your TV for another night because the Saville girls are taking over the living room!). Thanks Chapters. And thanks Canada Post guy who delivered it and is always happy and smiling, something I used to find odd and unusual but which is now endearing.
  6. I am ONE star away from gold status on my Starbucks card. Yes, this is a thing with me. I’ve been diligently drinking my venti cups of True North Blend so that I can hit Starbucks nirvana. Okay, maybe not nirvana. Nirvana would involve vats of that caramel sauce they put on the macchiatos (is that how you spell it, by the way?) This is close enough, though.

So, I think my Single Parents Appreciation Day is going swimmingly.

Now I just need to fit in a trip to the LCBO and my day will be complete.

Wait… I just realized that so much of my good day seems to revolve around shopping, which might not be a good thing in the long run but you know what? Today, I’m not going to question it. Today, I’m going to roll with it. Today, I’m going to enjoy picking up Nikki from school and hugging my little smurf and taking her back to Starbucks for a cookie (ONE STAR AWAY, PEOPLE! Sheesh…)

**** Post Script ****

I don’t need to go to the LCBO after all – Grandma has a stash! Thanks Mom!

An excellent Vouvray to sip while watching Frozen!

An excellent Vouvray to sip while watching Frozen!

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