5 little differences between Canada and France I totally got used to

All good reasons to move to France, I think 😉

Slowly Becoming Canadian

1. Stores are open every day. Some supermarkets are even open 24/7. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy a couple of red onions at 3a.m., but it’s nice to have the option.

2. Carrying a coffee and/or water bottle everywhere. I actually got used to it too much. I now have a real collection of travel mugs and water bottles: for tea, for coffee, for water, plastic ones, metal ones… I probably could open a shop, but don’t count on me to be open on Sundays.

3. Watching American TV shows and movies in English. In France, everything is dubbed so it’s not unusual to see the actor’s lips moving even if the VoiceOver is done “talking”. It is kind of like when you tune out that boring acquaintance of yours.

4. Huge cars. Back in France, I used to drive a Nissan Micra. That car was so…

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