Open Letter to my Daughter

Dear Nikki,

If you have gotten this far in to my blog, you have probably read a lot about your babyhood and toddler days. Everything from the formula you were fed, to the naps you refused to take; the nightmare that was potty training and the constipation that resulted.

All fodder for posts  though I’ve always tried to frame them in such a way that other people might learn something or feel like they weren’t alone dealing with similar situations AND that wouldn’t ultimately be awful for you to read as a teenager! They chronicle your childhood and they remind me of some of the important milestones so that I won’t forget those gem like details in the maelstrom of every day living.

And you’ll also note that I have not exactly spared my own humiliation here (or did you not get to the post about the Big Blue Button? If not, please go read it now and come back to this after).

Funny, right?

So now you are wondering why I am writing this letter.

Because I want you to know that what you read here is only a half image, a hologram, an incomplete view of me, your father, our family, your life and where we have been and where we are going. I am not sharing the whole truth with the rest of the world because while I enjoying sharing anecdotes, the reality is that the rest is no one else’s business but ours. We’re the two musketeers. We’ll always be the two musketeers and I want you to trust in the knowledge that I would never hurt you.

So if you want to know something about me, or us, or the past or whatever, you need only ask and I’ll do my best to answer your questions as honestly and fairly as I can.

And know that I love you. More than anything or anyone else in this entire world. Forever.


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