Nastiness with Impunity: Communication Gone Awry

I wrote this after the Aurora Colorado movie shootings, but it’s relevant any time…

Shrinking Violet Media

It was a day or two after the mass shooting at the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.  As with all big events, Twitter was alive and kicking with speechifying, opinion and general commentary about the shooter, his motivations and, as always, what we can do to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

Someone I tweet with had suggested banning bullets.  I thought it was a clever idea: you can own all the guns you want but the only place you can have bullets, unless you are a police officer or other enforcement official, is at a registered gun range.

It was just an idea, tossed around with a myriad of other ideas, good and bad.

A local journalist in my area read my tweet responding to the idea of banning bullets and tweeted back that I was something to the effect of being ignorant and irresponsible…

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