Planning Better Mornings

I had resolve late last night, while lying in bed staring at the ceiling and the geometric 70s wallpaper on it. Yes. On the ceiling.

Here was what I resolved to do: I would change the way I did things in the morning. A better start to the day would mean a better day, overall. Right? RIGHT??

Okay, so this is what I decided:

1. No reading email  / social media / comments or anything that annoys me before 9 a.m.

Why? Because it tends to set my brain a’racing even before I’ve had coffee. Not a good thing.

But then I started thinking  that I shouldn’t get my brain a’racing before wine consumption in the evening, so I have expanded my plan to:

2. No reading email / social media / comments or anything that annoys me between 5 and 8 p.m.

Why those times? Because my daughter is home and being silly and having bath and dinner and that just isn’t the time to read anything you can’t take the time to deal with.

But this lead to a further problem. If I start reading email / social media / comments or anything annoying after 8 p.m., after kiddo is in bed, there is every chance that my brain will start a’racing and I won’t be able to sleep again and will end up staring at the geometric ceiling paper.

So what does that leave me with? Email between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. only. Same for social media / articles / comments or anything that annoys me.

Except this morning.

This morning, I took a peek at my email because I am waiting for something and have been waiting all weekend for it. Of course, the thing I was waiting for wasn’t there. But there was another email which I could deal with quickly. So I did. And then another came in that had some interesting information for me. So I read it. This led me to a post on Facebook and I read something that annoyed me… Before coffee…  And my plan, day 1, has already gone to hell.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

4 thoughts on “Planning Better Mornings

  1. Thinking I should get some of that wallpaper for the ceiling (ceilingpaper?) so I have something to stare at after the daily infinity lost in the social media abyss. : D
    They talk about the polar vortex? How ’bout the online vortex?

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