8 things I want to do in Canada

We want to go in opposite directions… But it’s a funny post because AS a Canadian, I’ve done none of these things. Except number 5. You?

Slowly Becoming Canadian

Not necessarily in this order:
1. Make a Canadian not use the word “sorry” for a week. No, let’s make it feasible and say an entire day. I know it will be hard but if I pick someone who has spent enough time with a French person, me for example, it can happen.
2. Drive from one coast to another: Longest East/West diagonal in France: Nice-Brest (1.460km), Transcanada Highway from East end to West end: 8.030km. No need to say more.
3. Go to Nunavut: The coldest part of this cold country: average temperature in July: 3.3°C
4. Meet George Stroumboulopoulos: Not only does he have the coolest name ever (and it is even harder to spell than mine) but he is also what could be described as a Canadian Fonz expert in music and in interrogation techniques envied by some of former KGB…

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