Am I a Lazy Mom or a Crazy Cat Lady?

I’m always amazed the lengths people will go to, for a look. In my case, I go to great lengths to have no style at all, except for my handbags. Those have to be the best. The rest doesn’t matter so much to me. So when I see people on the street who have taken effort in fashion to Lady Gaga proportions, I am always a little bit thrilled and a tiny bit concerned for them.

The woman in the mini-skirt and sky high stiletto heels that I would only need 5 seconds in before breaking my ankle. Freezing in the ice laden playground at after school pick up for the kindergarten class.
2143142-portrait-of-the-man-in-the-fox-fur-coat copy
The man in a knee length fur coat and Louis Vuitton man purse. Enough said about that one.

The older lady who walks through Yorkville wearing a full length mink coat over what looks like a huge crinolined formal ballgown; what must be every piece of jewelry she owns including a small tiara, peacock blue eyeshadow and clown mouth bright red lipstick passing the edges of her lips by a good inch. She just makes me sad as I realize that having money really isn’t everything and the only thing that is really valuable is our health.

But the one person I’ve seen recently who just stopped me dead in my tracks was the 80s Gordon Gekko Dad at school drop off. Picture this: mirrored aviator sunglasses, wavy sun touched hair that is slicked back only slightly offset by horribly overdone facial tanning that can’t be natural; a full length camel coat under which I could see a tailored purple shirt and glittery cuff links poking out from the sleeves; a HUGE diamond pinkie ring and expensive leather shoes. Strutting along the mud spattered sidewalk towards the neighbourhood school, almost oblivious to the small boy running to catch up behind him after dropping his knapsack. The man was a caricature: the costume was so outlandish that I wanted to ask him what 80s gangster movie he was being featured in. If he had pulled out a tommy gun, I couldn’t have been more blown away by his appearance.

So what? If they’re happy, or even if they’re not, it’s none of my business, is it? Appearances aren’t everything, can in fact be deceiving, and I am judging, right? (oy, the platitudes!)

Well, not really. I don’t actually CARE what they do or what they wear. I just think it’s fascinating. I marvel at the thought process that goes behind some of these fashion choices and the courage (or is obliviousness) that it would take to walk around wearing them.

Someone asked on Facebook the other day whether we judge books by their covers – overwhelmingly, the answer was yes. The cover mattered. It altered the individual’s perception of what they might find inside. The cover was a reflection of the contents.

Is that true for people? Do the clothes reflect the man (or woman)? I hope not, because the perception people must have of me would be something of a cross between lazy mom and crazy cat lady! Then again, my look also tells people that I don’t really care about things like that. And they would be right.

I don’t really have a point here… just random thoughts and observations. Want to add yours?


2 thoughts on “Am I a Lazy Mom or a Crazy Cat Lady?

  1. This post is really interesting.: ) I was driving past the schoolyard at the end of my street today and I swear I saw a dad with a beard, hairy legs, running shoes and a skirt! It was a what-the-heck moment. At the same time, when I see YouTube videos of (very) older women who love and live fashion, who are done to the nines, it’s a thrill. They are clearly being creative, embracing the public moments and having a blast.
    However, in some ways I don’t think the cover tells the story at all. It’s a glimpse, a tease — but it doesn’t necessarily indicate kindness or decency or tolerance or emotional generosity or respect for others.

    • I agree about the tease factor… The cover is just an indicator, but I find that indicator useful in sensing if I have anything in common with that individual. For example, stiletto mom and I are probably on different planes of existence if not completely different dimensions! I could be totally wrong and she could be BFF material: perhaps my cover perception would cause me to miss out. But then again, maybe not 😉

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