Get Out of my Daughter’s Lunch Box

Here we go again.

A Toronto school has banned all junk food INCLUDING what comes from home, in the kids lunch bags.

Why do people think it’s okay to interfere with what I give my daughter to eat in her lunch? Is there no limit to the ways in which my personal privacy, and by extension my four year old daughter’s personal privacy, is going to be infringed upon in this already over-regulated world?

Allergy restrictions? NO PROBLEM.

Otherwise… well, I can’t write it here. But you get my drift.

PS: Following a Twitter conversation about this, someone suggested that it’s a good thing because education about healthy eating should be supported within the school. I agree. I agree that the schools can remove all junk from the school cafeteria / vending machines, etc… I’m all for education. Banning is not education though. It’s imposing the will of some on others.


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