My Day without the Net

Yesterday was a long one.

I spent 12 entire hours without Internet access. If you don’t count the hour and a half I spent at a cafe with free WIFI (Thank you again, Natas Cafe in Peterborough) or if you don’t count the 3G usage on my cell phone which will now rock my bill to new heights! But if you don’t count those, I was without Internet at home.

And it almost killed me!

No Flipboard. No Twitter. No Facebook. What’s a girl to do?

Peter Mansbridge (CBC – PIcture from UBC BLOG)

I had to watch the news on… television. Really? I felt behind by… well, at least a couple of hours, from the rest of the  world as Peter Mansbridge told me what was what.

People talk about taking an Internet break and I suppose if I was sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink, I could do it too.

But at home, in this pseudo Spring that Mother Nature is sharing with us in Ontario, it just wasn’t reasonable.

I’m saved though: It’s back on.


2 thoughts on “My Day without the Net

  1. This made me laugh. I saw on Twitter today that Margaret Thatcher died, so I immediately hit the news site to get more info but it hadn’t even made the front page there yet. The news is behind 🙂

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