A Pat on the Back #Payitforward

Sometimes you just need to hear that you are doing a good job.

I was in line at Winners yesterday afternoon with Nikki – we were buying some princess books (of course). The line was taking forever and while my patience is infinite (ahem…), hers is not.

So we started looking at the letters on the book covers and sounding them out, matching them to words she knows. Then we did high fives and low fives and side fives. Then we talked about what she did in school that day and how she learned two new French words. Finally, it was our turn and we were just about to leave when the woman behind me touched my sleeve.

I looked over to see why she had touched me, thinking I had left something or dropped something. Instead, she smiled at me and said: “You’re a good mom.”

I was completely taken aback! What a sweet thing to say to a complete stranger!

So #payitforward today and say or do something nice to / for someone else: a friend, a neighbour, a complete stranger.



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