Job Trek VI ~ Don’t Undervalue Yourself

Job Trek is a series of articles about finding work after self employment. To explore new worlds and civilizations… To go where I have never been before. This post is the sixth in the series.

Rightly or wrongly, I’ve been being picky about work options for me lately. I’m trying to stick to my town, rather than commuting. I’m trying to find things that allow some level of flexibility so that when kiddo has her parent teacher meeting at 2 in the afternoon, I can still go.  So yes, despite my long search, I have actually turned one or two down ‘opportunities’.


Because sometimes a bad opportunity is just that.

A little while ago, the publisher of a reasonably well known Toronto magazine made me an offer to become the editor. She was very busy with other activities and needed someone to take over who had done this kind of thing, taking the magazine beyond print and revamping the web editions for a full transition to that medium (eventually).

Perfect! We chatted for over an hour and were completely in sync as to how this should go forward. And then she announced the salary. Or should I say hourly wage. Or should I say hourly wage that I could make cleaning houses (as a friend of my mother’s put it) rather than taking on the stress of this kind of publishing transition / editing / writing / managing writers and so on.

So I went back with a counter offer – a higher hourly wage.

Surprisingly, she didn’t slam the virtual door in my face. She said she would see if she could manage it, financially and get back to me. And that was that.

Should I have taken the work for the ‘experience’ particularly given the state of publishing and journalism these days? I don’t think so. I have experience. I would have had to work in Toronto at least part of the time and at $12/hour, I would be PAYING for this experience.

Ann Douglas recently wrote a great post about why she is no longer working for the Toronto Star. I don’t begin to classify myself in the same writer / editor category as Ann, but I completely appreciated her point: the writing profession (and editing, for that matter) will die if we keep giving it away.

So I decided not to give it away. #NoRegrets



3 thoughts on “Job Trek VI ~ Don’t Undervalue Yourself

  1. Ah, Chantal. I so hear you. Good for you, standing up for your worth. Because you would be better off getting a retail position closer to home for that money!

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