It’s a Wild, Wild Interworld

As some of you know, I had an interesting day yesterday.

I won’t go in to all the details: suffice it to say that I said something on FaceBook the day before about how my daughter’s school was handling something (nothing nasty or rude) and just like that fabulous game of  ‘telephone’ that we all played as children, it got morphed into something else entirely by the time it reached the school.

Because it DID reach the school: someone on Facebook took it upon themselves to call the school and tell the principal about it.

Then my husband, after drop off, got hauled in to the principal’s office for a ‘chat’.  Seriously.

I was so mad when it happened. Literally, I was shaking. And then I was crying. And then I wanted revenge on the person who finked. My husband, ever the calmer soul, told me to suck it up and shut up. But, as you can see, I couldn’t do that.

“I’m not ready to make nice. I’m not ready to back down” – Dixie Chicks.

I thought I knew everyone that I was connected to on my Facebook page well enough that I could bitch about something without it blowing up in my face; I thought that if any of them had a problem with something I said, that they would speak with me first instead of running off and tattling, like my 4 year old.

Then I remembered: this is the Internet, where nothing is sacred, nothing is private and nothing is beyond reproach.

So though you have heard this advice before, I say it again:  be careful what you say online.

I apologized to the principal – not for the comments per se, but because she felt personally  ‘attacked’ – she accepted my apology and we are done with this. But to the tattler, I have only this to say: grow up.

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