Would You Celebrate a Book’s Birthday?

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, will be 200 years old this Monday (January 28). It is bar none one of my favourite classic books, after Jane Eyre, and so I will be celebrating.

How, you ask? Boy, am I glad you asked that!

We will be watching the 2005 version of the movie, with Keira Kneightly, and we will be eating a meal that is coordinatedPride & Prejudicewith the movie. Pairing movies with food: I’ve decided that it’s going to the latest foodie trend. Okay, maybe not but it makes a night in front of the television a little more interesting, no?

For example? When we watch James Bond, we have vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred), amongst other things (depends on the movie: with Octopussy, we had calamari – get your minds out of the gutter, people.)

So what to eat with P&P? Good question. According to a blog called Jane Austen’s World, this is what we need to prepare: “Mr. Bingley most likely served a sumptuous supper on a magnificent table set with his finest china and silver. The food would consist of white soup, which during this time was made with veal stock, cream, and almonds; cold meats, such as chicken or sliced ham; poached salmon; glazed carrots and other seasonal vegetables; salads; fresh fruits; dry cake (which meant unfrosted cake, like the pound cake); cheeses; short-bread cookies; pies; ice-cream; and trifles.”

Our Menu:

Leek & Potato Soup (close enough to white, right?)

Cold chicken salad

Pound cake with a strawberry coulis

And to drink? “Drinks of tea, coffee, lemonade, white wine claret, and red wine (sweet madeira wine was especially popular) were served. Regency cups were filled with punch, negus (wine mixed with hot water, lemon and nougat); orgeat (made with a sweet syrup of orange and almonds); or ratafia (a sweet cordial flavored with fruit or almonds).”

Well, I’m not having tea, so we’ll have to compromise this list a little and settle on a light red wine to be followed by a glass of port. Apparently, ladies weren’t to partake in the latter but as I would not characterize myself as a lady by any stretch of the imagination (I swear like a sailor), I will exempt myself from this rule.

Thanks Penguin Canada for the idea!

Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy!


6 thoughts on “Would You Celebrate a Book’s Birthday?

  1. I would celebrate P&P birthday…a feast from those times sounds like an interesting idea…not what we would normally eat…but I would love to try some of their delicacies

  2. I celebrated by watching the 1995 Movie yesterday as well as by reading the first chapter of “Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen” by, Sally Smith O’Rourke out loud to my mom.

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