Just Call me Ebeneezer

Am I the only living person who isn’t really looking forward to Christmas, this year?


The only one?

Okay then.

Why, you ask?

It’s been a really hard year. We have made some monumental decisions and gone through some… well, some stuff… I was going to say ‘shit’ but then I thought it might offend. Oops. Some of our shit (might as well keep using it, right?) isn’t over yet, so I can’t really talk about it except to say that there doesn’t yet seem to be light at the end of our tunnel just yet and that’s making it hard to giddy up and get all Gangnam Style about Christmas.

I should be over the moon about this year’s holiday because this is the first year that my daughter is really going to ‘get it’. Get what? Get the joy and fun that is Christmas, with her birthday just two days before as well! All the attention and presents and fun, doing up the Christmas tree, a special dinner at Grandma’s, going to church with Dad and so on. She has planned her letter to Santa – we just need to finish it and get it mailed – and she knows what to ask the Birthday Fairy for. It’s really cute and should leave me seriously warm and fuzzy. But it doesn’t.

And just as I write this post, I get an email that just made things worse. Double shit.

So I’m working on my attitude by going to eat some popcorn and watch “Little House on the Prairie”.

How about you? Do you like the holiday period or are you surrounded by a little too much forced jollity for your taste? How do you get in the spirit when the spirit seems to have left the building?


5 thoughts on “Just Call me Ebeneezer

  1. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed Christmas, it has slowly over the years turned into something more corporate, stressful, dissapointing and down right less enjoyable.

    It seems the spirit of Christmas dies a little more each year as ads on television promote the purchase of the perfect gift and worse try to manipulate us into making larger and larger purchases because any less means you must not love the person enough.

    This year I do not plan on purchasing a single gift for anyone, I simply cannot afford it. However I do have plans for gifts far more grand than anything purchased off of a shelf, Gifts that transcend the value of money and are entirely priceless. Here is an example of a gift I am currently working on and is nearing completion: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8y2n0igi90qbdp/IMAG0511-1.jpg
    This drawing/painting has the accumulation of over 20 hours of creation, contemplation and love, I literally poured my spirit into my painting.

    I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I have learned about myself painting it.

  2. I can understand, albeit partially, how you feel. My son was born 12 days before christmas in 2009 and his birth was a hugely traumatic event. It has spoiled the season for me a little but I do try to stay happy for the kids’ sakes. Its hard but I am a natural Christmas lover. Hope you find your festive spirit, if only for the kids.

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