Give me a ‘Beeping’ Break!

The other day, I was wondering if Anne Langdon had, at some point, asked herself if she had gone too far in her quest for silence from her neighbour playing basketball in the driveway.

Then I read about her suing those neighbours, the Elliott’s, for $25,000, with her lawyers demanding payment within 10 days, or they intend to pursue further legal action. That’s when I realized that she had obviously NOT asked herself this question.

If you have been living under a rock, you might not know about this story, so here are some links:

My Kawartha

CTV News

National Post

This story has garnered national attention, which is just plain old embarassing for Peterborough.

So I was also wondering if Nissan could give her one of those horns from their ad? You know the one I mean, right? The one that goes off every time the guy in the ad was going one step too far in whatever he was doing? Kissing the girl, perfuming his crotch, filling the tires on his Nissan? I really think Ms. Langdon could use one of those. Then the Elliott’s would be able to sue her because, without a shadow of a doubt, she would be beeping all over the place.


5 thoughts on “Give me a ‘Beeping’ Break!

  1. I prefer louder than normal grand opera (preferably soprano arias) played with all the windows open…..few people (aside from dedicated ‘good’ music buffs) enjoy that kind of ‘noise’! It’s surprising how quickly the message is received and understood…..and silence reigns once again in the neighbourhood…. ☺

  2. …..which, if nothing else, helps to give the culturally-deprived young an opportunity to learn that there is other music in the world than the beat,beat,beat rubbish they have been taught by the music industry, is all there is.

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