3D Glasses Aren’t a Good Look… and Other “Firsts”

Yesterday’s wet weather while visiting my Mom with the kiddo left us in quandry… What to do… what to do… that wouldn’t involve a crowd. Because I try to avoid large crowds with about the same vehemence as I would avoid bubonic plague, were I ever to be confronted with the possibility of contracting it. Seriously.

So that was severely limiting our choices. Then, while flipping through the newspaper, I glanced at the movie listings. That’s it! Grandma and I would take my daughter to the movies. For the first time.

And ‘lo and behold, there was a theatre in downtown Toronto showing ‘Finding Nemo’. She has seen that many times so I thought it was a good choice – seeing something she already knew meant she would be less likely to be frightened by the characters suddenly being 45 times their usual television size.

I hopped on to my app, ordered the tickets and off we went.

Except I neglected to notice that this was the 3D version of the movie. Because I don’t pay attention to these details.

When we arrived at the theatre and they handed us packages of glasses, I was surprised.
“What are these for?”
The lady looked at me, eyebrows raised. “Because it’s 3D?”

There was no knowing how my daughter was going to take to wearing the glasses let alone having Bruce the Shark come screaming out of the screen at her, but we were here, we had paid and we were going in.

So we got snacks and snagged aisle seats in case we had to make a fairly swift exit.

It all started out fine. The preshow was not in 3D and at an acceptable volume level, so the kiddo was thrilled with the huge screen. And the napkin full of popcorn that I put in front of her (another first!)

She munched and watched and munched and watched. And then the room darkened for the previews, which is also the point where my nervousness climbed at a pace to match the theatre sound volume. I popped the glasses on her face just in time to see the preview for a new movie called Epic, which looks, well, epic. Seriously, it’s beautiful! It’s been shot to be viewed in 3D (vs. a movie that has been adapted after the fact) and the preview was visually stunning. Could ruin regular movie watching for me forever. My wee one, on the other hand, had jumped at every thing that popped out of the screen and settled for having her face buried in my arm. This was going to be a long hour and forty-seven minutes.

Then Finding Nemo came on and she jumped up in her seat, sending her popcorn napkin flying: “There’s Marlin! There’s his house!” She shouted at full volume.

Here is where I learned something new, as you should do every day: Teaching a three and a half year old that you can’t talk during a movie is a work in progress.

So we watched and shushed and she watched and wiggled about, with blocks of time where popcorn kept her sitting still. We ate more popcorn and some Maltezers and round about the point where Marlin was being delivered back to the ocean by the pelican, thinking that Nemo was dead, my daughter declared she wanted to go home, got up ‘sans’ the boots she had taken off earlier, pushed past my mother and proceeded to leave! We were officially done. So Mom and I grabbed the coats, etc. and stumbled out after her highness, neither of us realizing we were still wearing the 3D glasses. Not a good look over regular glasses, by the way. Not a good look anyway.

But all in all, I think it went well for a first time. Frankly, she lasted longer than I thought she would, considering she had seen the movie before.

Next time, we’ll see something new. Next time, we won’t see a movie in 3D. And we’ll get her a bag of popcorn of her own to avoid the flying napkin phenomenon (sorry clean up crew!) But we’ll do it again because the look of wonder on her face when the preshow cartoon came on was the best thing I have seen in a long time, and worth all the shushing, jumping, hiding and munching mess.


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