Shower Fun

Minds out of the gutter, people!

Someone told me that the “paints” that you can buy for playing in the bathtub are a pain: they stain grout and are basically impossible to get off without bleach.

No, thank you.

Today’s Parent had a cool alternative for making your own bath paints, on Facebook. It’s on their site too. Now, I don’t DO crafts. Ever. I won’t make playdoh or goop or whatever. I don’t glue googly eyes to things and my daughter isn’t allowed to paint at home – I know, Mommy is SOOO boring! (Isn’t that kind of mess making what school is for?)

But I thought I would try this:


As my daughter painted her way to total fun, I was a little worried. A tweet came in on my phone, wishing me luck! Uh oh!


Phewww. I don’t have to send a cleaning bill to Today’s Parent magazine. Ha!



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