The iPhone Game

Yesterday, on Twitter, someone mentioned the iPhone game. 

When out to dinner with friends, everyone puts their smart phone on the table. The first person to reach for theirs loses and has to pay for the whole dinner.

Cute.  Sort of.

Except when I was reading this, the first thing that popped in to my head is that I am not a child.  I am not in school.  I work hard and I have manners.  Yes, I realize some or all of these things cannot be said of all adults, but I have to assume that if they are my friends and I am having dinner with them, then they are at the very least nice, funny and all around good eggs.

So why do I have to be subjected to the game?  You think if the babysitter calls, I’m not picking it up?  And YES, I realize that answering the babysitter’s call is not the behaviour that this game was meant to put a stop to but it nonetheless feels childish and silly.

I guess we all have to decide if we’re grown ups or not.  I know the answer for myself.  Do you?


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