Is There any Chance that Kiddo is Just Messing with my Head?

So kiddo says to her teacher, Mrs. H, that she needs to go to the bathroom.

They go and she is in there for quite a while so Mrs. H goes back in to ask if she’s okay. Kiddo says ‘Yes’.

Mrs. H can smell poop so she asks, with some excitement: Did you go poop in the potty?

Kiddo says: no.

But she can smell it so she says: Did you go in your underwear?

Kiddo says: not exactly.

Not exactly? So now Mrs. H. is wondering where on earth she went poop? Picturing another kid picking up a lump, she starts looking around but there is nothing around so she asks what kiddo meant by not exactly.

Kiddo says: I pooped in my underwear, took it off and put the poop in the potty…


Logical, if not quite right!

This kid is going to kill me.


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