I am a Professional Amateur but What Will my Daughter Become?

I envy veterinarians. They have actual knowledge, and with time, experience, which translates into more knowledge. No matter what technology comes up, they have a core ability that cannot be ignored.

Nuclear physicists have that too.

My area of interest is not like that. People like me seem to be dime a dozen. I thought that almost a decade in media and years before that in communications related positions would make me a shoe in for communications / editing roles. Not so much.

So despite my daughter only being 3.5 years old, I have started rolling ideas around in my head about career options in 20 years. What will she do?

It’s important to do something you love. I worked at a place I refer to as Camp Hell for 2.5 years and it’s 2.5 years of my life that I will never get back. I made a decent salary but the environment was very toxic (imagine boss screaming at employees, telling us we were ‘fucking useless mules’… Seriously. In the time I was there, two separate people filed law suits against him). I stayed because post dot-bomb in year 2000, it had taken me 6 months to find the job in the first place and I quite simply couldn’t afford to leave.

It’s also important that what you do can actually produce a living wage. As much as you might love your job, if you can’t pay your bills, it’s all a little moot.

So, what will my 55 year old self tell my 19 year old daughter (in 15 years)? What will be the best career advice I can give her?

What are your thoughts?


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