Job Trek V ~ Professionalism

Job Trek is a series of articles about finding work after self employment. To explore new worlds and civilizations… To go where I have never been before. This post is the fifth in the series. It’s a little bit of a rant. Sorry.

There is a fabulous app for the iPad called Flipboard. It compiles articles and information from a wide variety of sources that YOU select, for your reading pleasure. I follow FastCompany, Atlantic Monthly, the New Yorker and others. In this economy and after much reading, I noticed that most of the pieces that centered around the business of hiring only looked at things from the employer point of view: how many hundreds of applications they are receiving, the many technological ways they are finding for sorting through that mountain, the good/bad and ugly of interviewees and more.

Now let’s take a moment to talk about the other side: the interviewees. Not from a position of entitlement. Not from a negative place. Just from a professional place.

This is a digital world and we are all talking. You want us to talk about your business in a positive way. So here’s the deal: when you invite a person to an interview and that interview takes place without any difficulty and in fact is very positive, upbeat and synergystic and that interviewee sends you a thank you note with her references and that interviewee also sends a follow up email some weeks later, could you have the decency to put said interviewee out of her misery so that she doesn’t have to find out that you have filled the position by accident?

It is a 2 line email: thanks but no thanks. Wow. Even one line would do it. That’s all it takes. After all, a good interviewee has researched the organization, prepared for the interview, established good references and all around done her job. Can you please be professional and do yours too?

Thank you.


~ Interviewee


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