Lost Opportunities ~ Small Things can Make a BIG Difference

This afternoon, we visited a local farmer’s market. It was charming. A few veggie stands, some beef, some pork… Some lovely patisserie from one local baker and a jam stand. The jam lady had a jar open, with crackers, for sampling: this is a simple and easy marketing idea, as I sampled, and then I purchased!

When I got home, I wanted to tell some friends about her and got the jar out to do so, only to find that there was no contact information on it whatsoever. Just a label with the jam name and the ingredients listed.

This is a LOST opportunity.

Perhaps she is so small a business as to not want to attract more attention beyond the once a month market. Perhaps she does several markets and that’s enough business for her. As the purchaser of her product, however, I wouldn’t have any clue who to contact if I had a problem with the product, or if I wanted to get more! Of course, I didn’t notice this at the market.

Ah well, I guess I’ll enjoy my one jar of Carrot Cake jam (seriously… so good).


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