Snippet from the Book

“Our wedding was all good timing for my family, in one way. My dad had been diagnosed with leukemia earlier that year and my first meeting with his oncologist, to better understand everything that was happening, ended in Dr. Doom asking me if there was any way we could move the wedding up. Not comforting, but at least he was honest. As it was, my Dad made it to the wedding to walk with my mother and I up the aisle, and even another Christmas with us before dying in March 2000. At 58 years old. The leukemia, best as we were able to piece together after the fact and through Dr. Doom, was the result of a drug he’d been given a decade earlier for a blood disorder from which he suffered a heart attack and stroke… at 48 years old. All of these things should have scared the living crap out of me and set me on a path to better physical conditioning, but it didn’t. What it did make me realize is that you have to live for the now. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. There might not be a tomorrow and if you are waiting for retirement to enjoy your life, well, that might not happen either.”

2 thoughts on “Snippet from the Book

  1. OMG so true! My dad was counting the days until his retirement but was killed in a car accident on a business trip before he hit retirement. Live each day to the fullest!
    So sorry to hear about your dad. Life is not fair sometimes.

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