The Mark of a True Dad…

I was just watching “The Mom Show” – they were talking about all the things that they do in the daily lives of their children, for which they receive no ‘high fives’. Yet, here comes Father’s Day, and the Mom’s were basically noting that they didn’t feel the need to high five their husbands on this one day.

As one said: “… while I’m cleaning up in the kitchen, he’s playing with them on the sofa.”


But (you knew there had to be a ‘but’, didn’t you?), Dad does things with Nikki that I wouldn’t, so I think that whether it’s play or cleaning up the garden or whatever, it’s good time for the two of them.

Like right now, I’m typing, while Dad and Nikki are ‘fishing’ on the dock (we’re at a cottage).
Fishing with a tiny Dora fishing pole with no lure at the end of it, but fishing nonetheless. They look so cute together…


On Saturday night, Nikki was throwing up… most of the night. I slept with her to keep an eye on things and the next morning, on Father’s Day (when he should have been sleeping in and waiting for breakfast in bed), Dad took her outside to get some fresh air and do some more ‘fishing’, so I could get some extra sleep.

THAT is the true mark of a good Dad.


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