Job Trek IV ~ Understanding a Good Fit is a Two Way Street

Recently, I was invited to an interview for a job that I felt I was not fully qualified for.

Why did I apply? On a recent Tweet Chat on Twitter about jobs and job seeking, an HR tweeter advised readers that if you even meet 50% of the requirements / job specifications, apply: odds are that the company had put more qualifications than they were realistically expecting to get, in an attempt to weed out the very unqualified and find the candidate that most closely met their needs.

So, I applied.

The interview was… Short. And one of the highlights was meeting the resident Golden Lab. I knew almost right away that this wasn’t going to be a good fit. I had sudden memories of a previous job, where I worked for two young men who breathed techno fire. They truly believed that the medium WAS the message (sorry Marshall McLuhan, but that isn’t always true). I didn’t and in most instances, I still don’t believe that.

“Never the twain shall meet” should have been my mantra, then and now.

I would love to work for this organization, in another capacity, so I sent an email thank you note, as I always do. In the note, I alluded to the fact that it was clear that they needed a different person, someone who could hit the ground running with a specific skill set but that if they needed someone with my skill set, even on a part time basis, I would love to be considered.

Shoot myself in the foot? Maybe, but I feel comfortable that I recognized that this job wasn’t the right fit for me and that I wasn’t the right fit for the job. Knowing what you can and can’t do is half the battle these days, or is it just showing up? I’ll have to ask Woody Allen, if I ever meet him.

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