This is Your Life…

Excerpt from a book I self published for my daughter. One copy only. About the first year of her life.

I also wanted you to be “Daddy’s Princess”. From the moment I met your Dad, I knew he would be a good father. Just the way he always put other people that he loved first and his ability to express his feeling. Your Granddad wasn’t like that and while, in my head, I knew he loved me, it was rarely something I felt or he expressed. I knew your Dad wasn’t like that at all: if anything, there was a very great risk of him spoiling you rotten! And there was this thing with him and little kids. They are fascinated by him. We can be walking somewhere and see a small child. That child will ignore everyone else but be simply captivated by your Dad. Our neighbour, Sally Carson, had a little boy called CJ. He could be wailing and crying his eyes out but if he set eyes on your Dad, he would break out in a huge, toothless smile. I don’t know if kids sensed a mental equal – the running joke about this weird phenomenon – or simply a kindred spirit, but this affinity that children have for your Dad was unfailing and fascinating.

In the same way that Grandma’s poodle, Cristal, never barked at your Dad when he and I were dating (and in fact even jumped onto to his lap once, which she never did with anyone outside family. She even bit one of my earlier boyfriends, but not your Dad). We always used to joke that this is why I married him. Because he was ‘Poodle Approved’.

The funniest though was when you were about 3 months old, we needed to take Maggie and Fidget to the vet for their annual examinations. There was a little girl at the vet’s office with her Mom and their cat. Dad went to sit one of the benches, waiting for our turn when the little girl came up to him and rested her head on his arm. He didn’t know what to do and the mother and I just watched as the girl clambered up onto your Dad’s lap and just sat there with him. Her mother was shocked: apparently the girl normally didn’t take easily to strangers. It’s like he was Santa or something!


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