Job Trek II

Job Trek is a series of articles about finding work after self employment. To explore new worlds and civilizations… To go where I have never been before. This post is the second in the series.

“Your resume and cover letter should be ONE document.” This statement was recently tweeted by someone that I admire and wish to work for, one day soon. I was at a loss as to what to say, as I am sure that I applied for the role for which she was reviewing resumes and I am also sure that I did not send my letter and CV as one document.

It’s been some time since I have been on the job market and I have sought various advice on getting it right. From an employment counsellor, from fellow job searchers, from a few managers and a couple of HR people.

If there is one overriding thing I have learned, it is that finding a job after self-employment is not like riding a bike at all: you fall off and skin your knees! Networking through Twitter, marketing yourself with a LinkedIN profile and Facebook pages. Then you need to make sure your CV is search engine optimized so that the companies with auto-review systems will not discard your resume out of hand. And don’t get me started on the number of styles of CV I have put together, in an attempt to suit every mood and every job. I have set up WordPress sites to show the company how interested I am in them and their available roles. I am learning to edit video so that I can send my CV as a YouTube video. I am doing everything but magic tricks to stand out and that’s okay because it’s my job right now.

The job of the HR department or hiring manager is also far from easy: From what I have heard, most advertised jobs are getting hundreds of applications. Even if more than half of the applicants are not right for the role, someone still has to weed through all of the remaining CVs and cover letters, deciding if someone in that pile is worthy of further consideration. I don’t envy this role either.

I guess I just wish it was a wee bit easier. For all of us.


2 thoughts on “Job Trek II

  1. What a great reminder – job searching IS the job! Well said! I know it’s discouraging but I’m really excited to see how this all comes together for you – since I know it will!!

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